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Cheap Transcription Services ensures quality. When searching for high quality transcription services, look no further than Shalom Transcription. We have a highly skilled and experienced team of professional transcriptionists to handle all kinds of transcription projects. Our team offers cheap transcription services for audio, video, speech, movie, and interview transcription.

Our team offers cheap interview transcription and cheap audio transcription for all your requirements like student dissertation, business meetings, promotional materials and webinars.

Cheap transcription rates are very competitive and at a transcription rate $0.80/min, there is no other online transcription company that beats our prices.

Quality Transcription

Our company offers these cheap interview transcription services without compromising on quality and professionalism in any project that we handle. We guarantee that all the transcripts are thoroughly proofread before they are sent to the client, and clients should expect an accuracy rate of 98% or even more.

With, clients can be rest assured that they will never have to pay more for services that they do not need. We have a transparent and flexible pricing model that allows the client to select the exact combination of services that are required in his/her project. This ensures that costs are always kept low, and clients can fully enjoy audio transcription cheap.

Quick Turnaround

To further ensure that our clients enjoy cheap transcription services, we have made it extremely easy for them to get their projects completed quickly and on-time. Our professional transcriptionists understand the need for quick turnaround times on customers’ projects and they will begin working on the projects immediately they receive the customer’s files and instructions.

To get your audio transcription cheap, all you need to do is simply upload your audio files on our upload file page. In case you have any questions, we have a dedicated customer service line that operates 24/7 365 days a year.

Foreign Language Transcription Services

Fast & Professional transcription from native speaking lingual specialists.
We are a leading provider of high quality foreign language transcription services.

  • Arabic

    Transcription Services
  • A continuously expanding society on all areas, the Arabic world is making itself acknowledged every day. The main area where its presence is deeply felt is the industry. More and more business owners are striving and constantly looking for associates originating from this environment. This is the reason for which the need of uninterrupted and unobstructed communication has become so compelling within the last few decades. One simple misunderstanding could lead to multiple unpleasant events.

  •
  • French

    Transcription Services
  • When it comes to online transcription services, you need to make sure you’re working with the best. And you can do that by assuring that your French transcripts are handled by certified native-speaker professionals who are experienced in a wide array of industries. we are proud to state that we provide services at the best rates. We wouldn’t be able to do that if it weren’t for the specialists and the cutting-edge technology put at their disposal in order to ease the work and fasten the process.

  •
  • German

    Transcription Services
  • Germany, one of the world’s most powerful nations, has an amazing industry developed on so many levels and in so many different areas. That’s why German has become a language that’s more and more learned and sought after. Here, at Shalom Transcription, we provide solutions for different fields of interest such as advertising, retail, manufacturing or any other technological areas. Also, we have a rich background in providing German transcriptions for many companies, our services always stand out in the crowd.

  •


Yes it was really good. Also I tried another site but their transcription was not at all accurate. Many sentences said were written wrong or not there at all.

-Tazeen Rizvi / Itasca, IL

This was fine. Overall I think this was a good service, reasonably priced. I will most likely be doing some more.

-Nick S / Louisville, Kentucky

Dear shalomtranscription: Thank you very much for your kind assistance. I am happy to have discovered your services.

-Hugh Graham / St Catherine,Jamaica

Thank you. As always, you provided an excellent service.

-Penny M / Machesney Park, IL

Thanks John, all looks good. I've also informed Hannah about your service.

-Andre van den / Paraparaumu, New Zealand

I like the accuracy and the quick delivery. I have a large amount I’m getting ready to send you.

-Stacy Sirkel / AFCA, Waco, TX

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Our journey started in 2013. Within a short span of time we became a trusted partner to
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Precise transcription by US based transcriptionists.

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We assure 98% accuracy in all our transactions.



Our service is backed with 100% money back guarantee.

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Free Quote

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