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Journalist Interview Transcription

Journalist interview transcription is a great advantage for journalists. "Shalom Transcription" is the most trusted and preferred transcription service provider in USA , UK and Canada among the journalists. Whether you interview a celebrity or a political leader, we provide the most accurate transcript.

Journalist interview transcription helps you to manage your time. Journalists or reporters spend time to do research on the interview topic and the person to be interviewed. The journalist needs to list down the topic and questions in order to bring life to the interview. Certainly he or she will not have enough time to transcribe interviews.

"Shalom Transcription" employs educated and well trained transcriptionists in order to provide precise transcription to the journalists and reporters. Our service helps media like newspapers, magazines, radio shows, television, and online media to get accurate journalist transcription.

Journalist Interview Transcription - Why?

Journalist interview transcription services are essential for any media company or organization. All the interviews conducted by a journalist will be published and the transcript plays a vital role in bringing out the flawless content. Even a word can misinterpret the whole story or the show. In order to get flawless transcription you need a professional transcription service.

Quite often media firms publish the video or audio content on their website to reach the mass. The video or audio interview published without the transcript does not attract the mass. Any visual or audio published with the transcript or captions attract wider audience. Transcript helps the busy crowd and the hearing impaired audience.

We provide interview transcription service for corporate companies, educational institutions, research scholars, publishers and journalists at a fast turnaround time.

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Shalom transcription provides precise interview transcription service for print and visual media at great accuracy.

We guarantee affordable price in the market.

The transcripts are delivered at quick turnaround time. So you will not require to pay extra for rush service.

We care for our customers. We provide excellent service to make sure that you continue to utilize our service.

To get our transcription service, upload your audio or video files and we will send you the quote in an hour for your approval.

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