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Video transcription is the conversion of all that is spoken in a documentary or movie or a marketing video to a neatly formatted text. Quite often the text is captured along with the time stamp.

Video transcription is widely used for captioning or subtitling in order to attract the world wide audience. In the modern world video transcription is also used in order to get the SEO advantage.

All the projects are handled by a trained staff for which the experience is not just a random word, but a proved matter of fact, these movie script services are performed at the highest quality level this branch can ensure. Video transcription is essential in the marketing and film world as they need the script to be available for captioning. Captioning is very useful for the foreign language audience and those who are hard of hearing.

Professional Video Transcription

You might think it is less costly if you transcribe on your own but the truth is there are definitely pros and cons of attempting video transcription on your own.

For starters, transcribing is very delicate and needs to be handled by an experienced person because it is known that some things can be misinterpreted during the transcription. It is therefore very necessary that you entrust the project in the hands of professional transcription agency such as our very own Shalom Transcription. Our accuracy levels are high and you can rest assured that the video transcription will be over 98% accurate.

Professional video transcription can be of verbatim script that include false starts and filler words or time-coded format. Both are delivered with money-back guarantee. We are keen to create a long time relationship with our clients by providing professional video transcription.

Customers will benefit from:

● Maximum transparency – The company ensures a clear approach for each of its clients, which is why, when it comes to price rates, everything is exposed on the website. Every price for every need is presented, without any hidden fees. Since the purpose of its activity is to ensure clients’ satisfaction through simple and easy-to-use video transcription, there is no place for any unmentioned details. Everything is in plain sight.

● Maximum confidentiality – Shalom Transcription’s purpose is to be able to create long-term relationships with their clients that is why in doing so, confidentiality is the main keyword. A nondisclosure agreement can be signed upon request. Clients’ documents are not to be shared with anyone and the viewing of documents is limited to a need-to-know basis.

Utilize our service and enjoy peace of mind.

Foreign Language Transcription Services

Fast & Professional transcription from native speaking lingual specialists.
We are a leading provider of high quality foreign language transcription services.

  • Arabic

    Transcription Services
  • A continuously expanding society on all areas, the Arabic world is making itself acknowledged every day. The main area where its presence is deeply felt is the industry. More and more business owners are striving and constantly looking for associates originating from this environment. This is the reason for which the need of uninterrupted and unobstructed communication has become so compelling within the last few decades. One simple misunderstanding could lead to multiple unpleasant events.

  •
  • French

    Transcription Services
  • When it comes to online transcription services, you need to make sure you’re working with the best. And you can do that by assuring that your French transcripts are handled by certified native-speaker professionals who are experienced in a wide array of industries. we are proud to state that we provide services at the best rates. We wouldn’t be able to do that if it weren’t for the specialists and the cutting-edge technology put at their disposal in order to ease the work and fasten the process.

  •
  • German

    Transcription Services
  • Germany, one of the world’s most powerful nations, has an amazing industry developed on so many levels and in so many different areas. That’s why German has become a language that’s more and more learned and sought after. Here, at Shalom Transcription, we provide solutions for different fields of interest such as advertising, retail, manufacturing or any other technological areas. Also, we have a rich background in providing German transcriptions for many companies, our services always stand out in the crowd.

  •


Yes it was really good. Also I tried another site but their transcription was not at all accurate. Many sentences said were written wrong or not there at all.

-Tazeen Rizvi / Itasca, IL

This was fine. Overall I think this was a good service, reasonably priced. I will most likely be doing some more.

-Nick S / Louisville, Kentucky

Dear shalomtranscription: Thank you very much for your kind assistance. I am happy to have discovered your services.

-Hugh Graham / St Catherine,Jamaica

Thank you. As always, you provided an excellent service.

-Penny M / Machesney Park, IL

Thanks John, all looks good. I've also informed Hannah about your service.

-Andre van den / Paraparaumu, New Zealand

I like the accuracy and the quick delivery. I have a large amount I’m getting ready to send you.

-Stacy Sirkel / AFCA, Waco, TX

Unique Features of Our Transcription Services

Our journey started in 2013. Within a short span of time we became a trusted partner to
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Precise transcription by US based transcriptionists.

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100% human transcriptionists. No machine involved.



We assure 98% accuracy in all our transactions.



Our service is backed with 100% money back guarantee.

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